A Message ...

to our beloved customers,

byOrganic is a body care startup, officially founded in September 2019 in Bayern. We create handmade natural soaps and lip balm. Our products are created with care for your skin and respect to the nature. We selected the high quality ingredients, most are certified organic – at the same time we search constantly to increase local ingredients in our products. 

We have four great engagements in every products: no plastic packaging, no palm oil, no artificial additives and no animal ingredients. We believe the simplicity has its own power and charm.

Thank you for joining us!

Our Ingredients


No Plastic

Dry bar soaps need no plastic packaging, can be used for both body and hair washing. We provide together with our soaps a luffa soap bag, not only to keep the soap dry in the shower but also to ensure the agreeable washing effect.

NO Palm oil

The massive production of palm oil leads to the dramatic deforestation of rainforests. Therefore we say absolutely NO to this ingredients. 

We replace palm oil with organic coconut oil, however we’re aware that it’s not the optimal alternative. Thus in the future we want a better substitute for palm oil, such as local oils like sunflower or canola oil.

No artificial Additives

byOrganic soaps are scented with natural essential oil and our homemade herbs extraction. We refuse to use any artificial fragrances which are potentially harmful. In addition we don’t use any colorant as well as conservateur in our soaps.