Un petit câlin



Un petit câlin, that means “a little hug” – get inspired by the garden in autumn.

This little soap is the harmonious combination  of Calendula extract and Chamomile roman essential oil. Calendula is known for promoting healthy skin due to its antifungal, anti-inflamatory and antibacterial properties while Chamomile roman can calm any kind of skin irritation. Thus the together-working of these two wonderful herbs is ideal for sensitive skin. Its scent is light herbal. The soap is suitable  to be used for face, hand and body wash.

Due to the lack of palm oil and other additives, the soap is highly recommended to be kept at dry place. In the shower the soap should be placed in a soap saver bag.

Ingredients: Extra native olive oil*, water, coconut oil*, sodium hydroxide, sweet almond oil*, shea butter*, green avocado oil*, castor oil*, calendula flower extract* and chamomille roman essential oil.

*. Ingredients from certified organic agriculture.

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Weight 70 g
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 6 cm

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