Luffa soap pouch

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Luffa is tropical, vining plant belongs to cucumber family. When young and green, the fruits are edible. However when mature and dry, the fruits transform into a fibrous structure and are used as vegetable sponge.

Why choosing this pouch?

Our Luffa soap pouch is handmade with care from luffa sponge and cotton cord in Germany. The fabrication of this pouch don’t need any chemical treatment, thus the pouch is completely natural and biodegradable.

The pouch allows you to use up the soap and its rest, keeps the soap dry after each usage, creates amazing foam and gently exfoliates your skin.


Put your soap or the rest from your soap in to the pouch. Wet the pouch before use, once wet the pouch turns to be very soft. After each usage, rinse the pouch under water to remove foam and dust. Hang it in the shower to let it dry.