About byOrganic

Dear customers,

I’m Mai Anton, I’m PhD in vegetal biology and a lover of nature, founder of byOrganic. I grew up in Vietnam, then I moved to France, where I studied and worked as a scientist. Now I’m living my natural cosmetic passion in Germany. 

I started creating the first product, it was a Coffee-Sugar body scrub in my kitchen and then get addicted to this beautiful world: body care. I realize that our body does not need much to be healthy – it’s ok with very simple products. And that’s what I’m making: maximize the natural ingredients and  refuse completely artificial additives, palm oil and plastic packaging. 

Actually our consumer behaviors have a great impact on our health as well as our environment. And I believe that I’m heading the right direction…

In spring 2018, during the pregnancy of my second baby, I started a little labs in my kitchen. I missed those years working in research laboratories in France so much…

But I started to do something completely different from everything I’ve done so far – I made my own body care products: with coffee powder, brown sugar, coconut oil, tea infusion… I wanted to create the most gentle soap for my children, a dry shampoo for my husband, the deodorant without aluminium salt. I make everything as safe and as natural as possible, sothat I can give them to friends and family!

We care for our nature

In winter 2019, I started a true little labs which I named “byOrganic“. 

Thanks to so many people who supported me for the last one and a half years on my projects – my husband, my aunt Angelika, my beloved friend Melissa, Brigitte, Maude, Vanessa, Anne-Catherine, my parents-in-law and many other … – they had tried my products and enjoyed them. There would be no byOrganic without them.

With the brand “byOrganic“, we engaged bringing to our customers the most natural and environment-friendly products.