Amazing properties of luffa sponge

Luffa is not a common plant found in Germany and other European countries, therefore the fruit are very strange and exotic to many people. As I was born in Vietnam, the luffa fruit is familiar to me as the cucumber to all of you. The fruits are mainly harvested when they are immature and used as food: luffa soupe are delicious dishes for summer time! Yes luffa species are heat-loving and require similar growth condition as melons. When the fruit get fully ripen, it becomes fibrous and is no more edible. From the dry luffa, we remove the hard outer skin, take the seeds and keep them for the next plantation and use the dense network of fiber as natural scrubbing tools. This interesting fiber network, which is popular known as luffa sponge, is what we are talking about here.

The luffa sponge appear at the first sight as stiff, however as they are wet, they turn to be very soft and puffy. While most other natural plant fibers (cotton, sisal, jute, hemp…) remain attached to each other in a long fibrous strand, the luffa fibers creat a porous three dimensional network structure. After being cleaned to remove remained dry flesch, seed, this network of fiber are ready to be used. The luffa sponge are transformed into soap saver bag with 

About the author

I'm Mai Anton. I'm a biology and had spent several years working in different international research projects concerning bioenergy and human pathogen. Since 2017 I quitted my job, moved to Germany with my family and spent my whole time taking care of my children, my garden and making body care products for my own family.
Being inspired by the nature, I created several products from herbs and flowers in our garden. My husband and friends love them and at some point I believe that you will also love them.

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